New Opportunities For Farmers

πŸ”„ Embracing a value chain approach at Investa Farm means we're with you every step of the agricultural journey. 🚜 From seed to harvest, our platform links farmers directly with resources and lenders, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. 🌱

Easy Loans for Farming

Get hassle-free loans for farming needs. No complicated processes, just straightforward support for your agriculture.

Global financial access for Local Farms

Connect with crypto lenders worldwide.Finance your farmers with affordable capital.

More Profit, Less Hassle

Access affordable funds to boost your farm's productivity. Skip the long waits and high-interest rates with our farmer-friendly approach.

Investa Farm Mobile App

makes it easy to stay on top of your Life Style. No late tasks. No gimmicks.

Crypto Loans:

Through our app, farmers who might be excluded from traditional financial systems gain access to a global pool of lenders.

Easy Capital:

The mobile application provides farmers with a hassle-free way to access affordable capital for their agricultural activities.

Stable Returns:

Our mobile app enables crypto holders to lend directly to farmers, earning stable returns on their cryptocurrency holdings.

Transparent :

Investors can access a transparent platform that provides detailed information about agricultural projects.

Cryptocurrency Lenders Have a Choice !

Tap into the lucrative world of agricultural financing by joining Investa Farm, a decentralized platform that connects crypto lenders with farmers seeking loans. Experience the potential for high returns while supporting sustainable farming practices.


Earn Attractive Returns

Generate consistent returns with interest rates ranging from 4.5% to 6.0%, backed by real-world agricultural assets.


Reduced Risks on Investment

Benefit from InvestaFarm's rigorous risk assessment and mitigation strategies, ensuring the safety of your investments..

How it works for farmer

Follow through this steps if you are a farming group to create your own DAO.

Click Register as Farmer and connect your metamask wallet

You will be redirected to a Login Page where you can register as a Farmer or Login if you have an Account.

Fill in Details.

Add your wallet addresses and other details to create your farm DAO after connecting to a metamask account.

You will be redirected to a Market Place once your DAO is created.

It will appear at the Bottom of the Market Place.Wait for Approval from the team before you can start receiving loans.

After approval you will be able to receive your loan amount.

This funds can be retrieved after your are completely funded.


Investa Farm, a sustainable agriculture company based in Nairobi, has been selected for the MEST Regional Finals. MEST is a pan-African entrepreneurial training program and incubator that helps African entrepreneurs build and scale their businesses. Investa Farm was selected for the MEST Regional Finals based on its innovative business model, its potential to create a positive impact on the environment and the community, and its strong track record of success. The MEST Regional Finals will take place in Virtually on 11th December 2023. Investa Farm will be competing against startups from across Africa for the chance to win a place in the MEST Africa program.

Investa Farm wins PLP & Ygap Business Bootcamp

Investa Farm has won Ygap & PLP Business Bootcamp Demo Day. Dec 9, 2024

Investa Farm CTO & CEO meet Aragon & Polygon Team

Investa Farm won the Aragon Bounty in Eth Safari. Dec 9, 2024
IFarm token

Investa Farm IFarm Token is set for release early next year providing a new door way for even better opportunities for cryptocurrencies users and Farmers seeking to grow their wealth.


Are you an Agribusiness in the Value chain .Reach out for more details on partnerships.

Cryptocurrency Lenders

Investa Farm offers our lenders with a unique opportunity to lend and earn from their crypto at affordable rates.


Founding Team




Cryptocurrency Lenders





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