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Invest & Earn stablecoins.

Invest Your Stable Coins & earn returns, rewards and make an impact in Agriculture.

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Easy, Quick & Insured Loans.

🌾 Calling all farmers! 🚜 Investa Farm is here to support you right where you need it most - at the agrostore! 🌱 Our loans are easy, quick, and insured, so you can access the funds you need to grow your farm with peace of mind. 💰 Don't let financial barriers hold you back - join Investa Farm today and take your farming journey to new heights! 🌟

Stable coin LendersOpportunities

Tokenizing assets, saving in Ifarm tokens, earning interest on loan interest, and participating in staking and yield farming.

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Lenders can tokenize their assets, such as bonds, by converting them into digital tokens on the Investa Farm platform. .


Earn Interest

Lenders who provide loans through the Investa Farm platform earn interest on the loan principal amount.


Yield Farming

Yield farming offers lenders the opportunity to earn passive income and maximize their returns on idle assets.



Staking involves locking up Ifarm tokens in a smart contract to support the operations of the Investa Farm platform and secure the network.

Loan Portfolio

Get started at Investa Farm with our loan opportunities.

$30 - $10000


Get Loans for Vegetable seedlings.
$1000 - $20000

Dairy Cattle Farmers.

Get Loans to purchase cattle to milk transport logistics.
$500 - $10000

Cereal Farmers

Get Loans for Cereals
$1000 - $10000

Poultry Farmers

Get loans to start rearing Poultry.
$1000 - $10000

Agribusiness & Agritech.

Get Loans for Input financing for your customer portfolio.
$560 = $10000

Labor & Working Capital

Get loans to pay for Agriculture labor and short loans for overdrafts.
$5000 - $100000

Farm Machinery & Equipments

Get loans to buy farm machinery.

IFarm token

Save using IFarm token and use it as collateral.

Frequently Asked

Create an account by clicking earn crypto. and enter your email address. 2. Verify your identity Once you've created an account, you'll need to verify your identity. This is a standard security measure that helps to protect your account from unauthorized access. To verify your identity, you'll need to provide a government-issued ID, such as a driver's license or passport. 3. Deposit cryptocurrency After verifying your identity, you can deposit cryptocurrency into your Investa Farm account.

Regular security audits: Investa Farm undergoes regular security audits by independent third-party firms to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

Investa Farm strives to maintain a high level of liquidity to ensure that lenders can withdraw their funds promptly. The platform employs various measures to manage liquidity, including maintaining a reserve fund and diversifying loan portfolios.

In addition to earning interest on your cryptocurrency, Investa Farm offers various reward opportunities to enhance your earning potential. We offer referral bonuses for inviting new users, loyalty programs for regular users, and exclusive promotions.

Visit an Agristore.

Step 1

Carry copies of You identification Details.

The first step for farmers is to visit the agristore with their identification documents. These details are necessary for verifying their identity and eligibility for the loan..

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Step 2

Visit any Agri-store near You & Fill Application form.

At the agristore, farmers need to fill out the loan application form provided by the store for Investa Farm Loans.

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Step 3

Receive Notifications on receipt on Disbursement.

Upon submission of the loan application, farmers must wait for a maximum of two days for approval and loan disbursement.

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Step 4

Pick Your Farm Inputs at the Agri-store.

Once the loan is approved, farmers receive information from the agristore regarding the loan disbursement process. This includes details such as the approved loan amount.

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